Real Piracy Real Risk Real Reward

Real risk Real reward

Piracy pays -- sometimes. In Captain & Company, the sky’s the limit on how much real treasure you can haul out of your decimated foes. But be wary! Your ship is just as fragile and being sunk comes with real consequences. Buckle up, pirate. This isn’t a battle for the faint of heart.

Are you a captain? Or company?

Asymmetric gameplay is crazy fun -- be a captain and opt in to bigger risk and bigger rewards, or relax as a company crewmember and risk nothing but steal a few doubloons here and there. Build Fame, dominate the leaderboards, and win as both roles!

Every captain needs a ship

Secure and customize your ship for a chance to become the wealthiest pirate on the high seas!

Steering Wheel

Find a crew

Our community of streamers, digital whales, and fun-loving pirates is always ready to welcome a new pirate into their ranks, be ye friend or foe!

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